Repair of gearboxes

We can repair any type of gear in our factory or on. Because we manufacture any necessary new gears, we can offer the customer a fast and correct service. An average repair is subject to the following procedures.

  • The damaged gearbox is supplied in our factory.
  • The gearbox is disassembled and all parts are cleaned.
  • All parts are subject to inspection and depending on their condition, these are divided into three categories, namely:
    • parts in good condition and re-usable
    • parts to repair and re-usable
    • renew components
  • Bearings and seals are always replaced.
  • Contaminated oil and cleaning products are disposed off in a responsible way.
  • With a checklist the condition of the original parts is controlled (see attachment).
  • A detailed quote describes the proposed repair.
  • After a written order the components are repaired or completely manufactured by our production.
  • For working on a time basis hourly rates can be agreed.
  • The gearbox will be assembled.
  • Mounting backlash, tooth backlashes and contact patterns are recorded.
  • After assembly the gearboxes run a test.
  • The test and measurement results are listed on a “Test certificate” (see attachment).
  • With different results the errors are adjusted.
  • The casting is painted and provided with the necessary characteristics.
  • The castings are never provided with lubrication by us, the right lubrication type is determined by us.
  • For warranty conditions, we refer to our general sales conditions.

If special requirements must be met, we can adjust the ongoing procedures according to your desire or requirement without any problem. The method described above, is the minimum standard with which we revise reduction gearboxes.
The gearboxes can also be checked for you, in order to determine whether to transfer a larger power or to allow a different gear ratio.