All about gears

Over the past 100 years gear technology has experienced a thorough evolution regarding tooth shapes, calculating, material selection and everything connected with the production methods.

With the data of the website ‘’, we want to be accommodating towards engineers, constructors, designers, machine operators and other interested parties in understanding, applying and designing gear technology.

The data, tables, advice and technical explanations will help them to make a responsible choice in the multitude of gear types. In doing so, it helps to make the required calculations of the gear dimensions and the gear strength, to choose the most advantageous materials or to check the nature and severity of damage to used gears.

An important condition for a good gear design is the suitability to withstand the tooth forces for a certain period of design. For these reasons, a spacious place has been reserved in this website to the choice of the shape, the dimensions and the materials of gears. There is also a list of standardized tools to ensure that the gear can be economically manufactured. is an initiative of Bierens Machinefabrieken B.V. en Defawes ’96 N.V.

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